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Professional Training
Dr.Fazeli Training Doctors  

Lumineers Training

Dr.Fazeli is an educator of Denmat and certifies doctors all over the nation on how to place Lumineers. Here are the proposed dates -
Thank you.

  • October 18th-19th:
    Dallas, TX
  • November 22nd-23rd:
    Santa Maria, CA
  • December 13th-14th:
    San Diego, CA
  • January 31st- February 1st:
    Santa Maria, CA
  • February 28th - March 1st:
    San Francisco, CA

Additional dates to be arranged.


Community Dental Training
Dr.Fazeli Training Children on Dental Hygiene   Voluntary Childrens Dental Teaching

Dr.Fazeli loves teaching children of the local community about oral hygiene.